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The same Swiss firm had the Russian sailing ship 'Sedov' seized by a court order in France in 2000, as well as the accounts of the Russian embassy. A Paris court later reversed these seizures.

The Quai d'Orsay was a bit peeved at this, considering the business to be none of its - it being a judicial process in a commercial litigation between a Swiss company and the Russian state.

Apparently there were a lot of neat things to see at the air show, but few of them were worthy of much TV-news coverage. Thus I have not seen a photo of the new Zeppelin LZ NO7, nor of the Antonov 225, which is supposed to be one of the world's largest aircraft.

Sports News

While the exact order of the final ranking for France's first division football championship hasn't been entirely decided by the courts yet, Paris' own football club has determined to get a headstart on next season by starting training for it now.

Without my noticing it, the season actually ended a month ago, and the entire PSG team has been off having exotic holidays without me being any the wiser.

This unnoticed absence is the end result of what Le Parisien calls a couple of 'calamitous' seasonsphoto: fete musique, place denfert for Paris' 'home team' and its supporters, fans, well-wishers and certain betting types, as well as non-sports non-observers like myself.

Neighborhood big time hard rock was staged in the Place Denfert-Rochereau.

Le Parisien uses other words to describe the past season, such as 'stigmatic' and 'nightmaresque,' which resulted in a ninth place in the national standings. The paper says the results were 'insignificant' in comparison to the resources of the club.

Another phrase used is 'déja vu' and I agree with this wholeheartedly. Never in the history of football has so much been put into so little gain, over such a long period of time - several seasons-worth in my memory - the 'déja vu' part - by so many highly-paid professional footballers.

It can only be assumed that there is some sort of a hex operating on Paris' football club. What other answer could there be?

Of course this situation annoys Le Parisien immensely - because, besides being the paper of choice for Paris' concierges - it is also a 'sporting' paper, covering what its big brother L'Equipe deems to be beneath its sporting notice.

For myself, I have always thought that Paris-Saint-Germain, to give it its full name, lacks a sense of humor. If it were as powerful as its resources it would smother all other clubs in France, and give the country's soccer fans all the more reason to dislike Paris, instead of sniggering at it like they do now.

But if PSG cannot dominate French football, it should at least be able to show a little Parisian moxie, to carry off losing with aplomb and elan - instead of whining about every slipshod move it makes.

What PSG really lacks is attitude.

Internet Life

Your Paris Web URLs

If you have any favorite Paris Web sites you think other readers should know about, please send them in. If they haven't been featured before and they don't crash my browser, you'll get a modest 'thankYou' here.

If I have overlooked any of your contributions during the week, I blame it on the fine weather. If there were no contributions during the week, I will assume everybody has been having their own version of it.

Once Again - Patrimonie Archéologique

Archeology is the subject of new Webphoto: parade spectators, bastille sites being set up by France's Ministry of Culture, with a generic name of Patrimonie Archéologique as a staring place. Hit the link and then look for 'Expositions Virtuelles' and then 'Grands Sites Archéologiques.'

Gay Pride parade spectators draped all over the July column at Bastille.

One already has its own domain names. This is theAbbaye Saint-Germain d'Auxerre. Another is the Grotte Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc.

What's the Forecast for Coming Weekend?

Right now you can dial Météo-France up on your favorite Web browser, and get what is actually happening with the weather right now at Météo-France's Paris weather station located nearly next door to me on top of the modest summit of Montsouris.

Starting later this year, Météo-France will also institute its 'Vigilance-Météo' service, which will show at a glance whether you can expect hurricane-speed winds, torrential downpours, heavy storms, blizzards and/or avalanches within the next few hours in Paris.

In general, seven-day forecasts will be available for Paris and the Ile-de-France, with special attention being given to weekends.

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