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Even the far left Communist Revolutionary League held an 'Université d'Eté' - which actually wasn't one, because it took place at a 'socialist' ski resort instead of a 'capitalist' seaside resort.

Olivier Besancenot became their chosen candidate for the office of Président of the République - or will be if they can gather the necessary 500 signatures for the application form.

Just so you won't be able to jump to any conclusions, there are several other potential candidates. One of these is Jean-Pierre Chevènement, the Jospin government's ex-Minister of the Interior who resigned over the Corsican question.

Another is the eternal far-right leader of one wing of the Front National, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who thinks Jacques Chirac is the culpritphoto: placemat fiat 500 responsible for permitting the 'Marxist' Lionel Jospin to become Prime Minister.

As usual the troublemaker, he hasn't done Valéry Giscard d'Estaing any favors by suggesting him as an ideal candidate.

Yes, it is the 'Fiat 500 of the Week' even if it is on a placemat in the club's café.

As far as I know, former Président Valéry Giscard d'Estaing is nearly the only politician in France who is not even pretending to be a candidate. Instead, he pops up, wearing a tie, with sensible ideas for improvements to the constitution - which seem to get discussed, voted on and passed into law.

Only one thing is certain, there is going to be a lot of politicking between now and next spring. Maybe even Corsica will get sidelined for a while.

The Euro Is On the Move

A couple of weeks ago the new euro coins were moved out of the mints, on heavily guarded trains, to several very heavily guarded distribution points around France.

This weekend the coins were reduced to smaller amounts, and armored car companies began their distribution to banks, post offices and other places such as the Banque de France.

This will take 13 weeks of very heavy work by the armored car crews, and a considerable amount of overtime will be put in by security forces guarding the transfers.

The new paper currency, which was first shown in public on Thursday in Frankfurt at its opera, will not be distributed before December - and will not be available for public use before 1. January 2002.

One advertising agency has been charged with its promotion throughout the euro-zone, and the cost of the campaign will be 80 million euros.

The public is faced with becoming familiar with seven new bank notes and eight coins. The notes will range from five euros to 500 and the coins will start with one cent and go up to two euros.

Both sides of the euro notes will be identical throughout the European Union, while the coins will have one common face and one national face.

Whichever face a coin has, you can count on a thimble of café costing one euro by the time the coins arrive in circulation in France.

Internet Life

'Café de la Soul'

This is described in an email newsletter from Robin Bates as Paris' first Black portal. This may be a new version of an older Web site, but it is welcome on the Paris scene in any case.

It has features such as a portrait of Julia Browne, who created 'Walking the Spirit Tours,' a walkingphoto: resto la terrace tour of historical Black Paris. There is also a review of the 'Etoile' Noir' of Paris Soul food - 'Chez Bojangles' - and a gallery section with photos by Paris-based David Henry.

The bistro La Terrace is right across from the Square des Batignolles.

The Web site also has a message board for posting wishes and dreams, as well as a current series of reports titled, 'Adventures of a Single Sister in Paris' by Christiann Anderson.

In these days of Internet doom and gloom it is refreshing to see that there is still some optimism around, and in this case it should be rewarded by giving Café de la Soul a solid hit. In clear, here is the URL:- http://www.cafedelasoul.com/cafehome.htm

Your Paris Web URLs

If you have any favorite Paris Web sites you think other readers should know about, please send them in. If they haven't been featured before and they don't crash my browser, you'll get a modest 'thankYou' here.

I have not overlooked the URLs I've received as recently as several weeks ago, and I have even checked some of them out. The 'thankYous' are being readied.

The Season That Wasn't

As mentioned elsewhere in the issue, the weather has turned out some surprisingly hot days in spite of optimistic forecasts. For the summer as a whole, three fairly good periods were broken up by two really rotten ones, not counting a usual sort of September beginning - 'average' for early November.

If you are curious or need to know more, give the Météo-France Web site a hit, for its short-range forecasts.

Météo-France has also begun its 'Vigilance-Météo' service. This consists of putting out special warning about coming hurricane-speed winds, torrential downpours, heavy storms, tornados, blizzards and/or avalanches within the next few hours - especially in the grape growing regions.

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