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I have been getting a lot of link-exchange offers from jokers who think it is necessary to tell me that 'Google' gives higher search-engine ratings to Web sites that have lots of links.

Which has made me think that having nothing but links might produce the highest ratings of all. To heck with content - linking to other Web sites with lots of links too might even be better than linking to ones with a little bit of content.

This is as silly now as it was five years ago. If you have any favorite Paris-related Web sites you think other readers should know about, please send them in. If they haven't been featured before and they don't crash my browser, you'll get a modest 'thankYou' here.

The Agri-Life

Damien Gentilleau has sent me the URL for a Web site concentrating on the Monde Agricole. Since it has its version in English it is also known as the 'World of Agriculture.'

I am perfectly aware that there isn't a great deal of farming activity in Paris, but Damien has sent the URL for a site that seems to work - so I consider this 'good enough' - especially since I know there are some readers who are honestly interested in this area.

Carole Zalberg Scores

Quite some time ago Carole Zalberg was mentioned here in connection with the french publisher, 'Le Cherche-Midi.' At the time the story was that Carole had written three novels but couldn't get anybody at a publishing house to read them.

'Le Cherche-Midi' had the idea of putting unpublished works online, as a way of getting somebody else to read them. If there were favorable comments from these amateur 'readers,' then the publishing house would give them a good look.

About a week ago Carole wrote to say that her 'Les Mémoires d'un arbre' has been scheduled for publication by 'Le Cherche-Midi' early next year.

Aside from this success, Carole now has her own Web site, which you might want to take a look at - partly because she found out 'par hazard' that she was mentioned here.

She also has reminded me that the 'Cherche-Midi' house is still looking for authors of works in French and is willing to try them out in online waters.

French Tourism, Son of a Re-Run

The URL for this started out with a description of what was supposed to be one jumbo Web site that included links to all the major sites dealing with 'everythingphoto: pont des arts, thursday you wanted to know about tourism in France.'

However, this proved to be less than advertised - or I got an 'E' with it - but finally I got to somewhere that seemed to show promise.

Last Thursday, the Louvre and the Pont des Arts, as seen from the Pont Neuf.

This seems to be the 'Tourisme en France' Web site, which has versions in French and English, and the URL here is for the version in English - but don't be surprised if its text seems to be in French - much as the 'French' in Metropole is as 'French' as I can make it, like the phrase 'Tourisme en France.'

'Vigilance Météo' Begins With a Strike

For over six months now I have been mistakenly saying here that Météo-France's 'Vigilance-Météo' service is available. But now that it is, France-Météo has decided to be 'on strike.' At least, this is what the TV-weather news people say.

'Vigilance-Météo' consists of assigning four colors to departments in France liable to be attacked by hurricane-speed winds, torrential downpours, heavy storms, tornados, blizzards and/or avalanches - and it is updated twice daily.

If you are curious or need to know more, give the Météo-France Web site a hit, for its short-range forecasts. The 'Vigilance-Météo' area is on the page's top left.

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