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Of course, it is not exactly fair to give only the Anglo-Saxon definition, without the more Latin one. Let's take:-

LIBÉRAL [liberal], E, AUX [-o] adj. Favorable à la liberté: idées libérales - Arts etc. - N. m. Partisan de la liberté individuelle en matière politique et economique.

LIBÉRALISME n. m. Doctrine des partisans de la libre entreprise, qui s'oppose au socialisme et au dirigisme; plus particulièrement, théorie selon laquelle l'Etat n'a pas à intervenir dans les relations économiques qui existent entre individus, classes ou nations.

Last week the Secretary of State for the Budget, in presenting the outline of the coming budget to the Communist group in the National Assembly, got a lively reaction when one of the deputies suggested that its orientations were 'outrageously liberal.' "I would rather be treated by technocracy - but certainly not liberalism," the deputy was reported to have remarked.

Internet Life

Is It Me or My Browser? - Part II

After careful consideration of last week's 'Question of the Week' here, I am convinced my browser is capable of accessing Metropole, but stumbles a lot when I try to check out the other Web sites mentioned here occasionally.

But don't let my minor problems put you off. After all I am only a part-time user, and probably don't know the finer points of tweaking these things.

Learning French In Paris

Even as a multi-time drop-out I can recommend the Alliance Française for learning French in Paris. More than a mere language school, it has been teaching everything you should want to know about France and the French since 1884. It had 516 students in 1901, and the Alliance Françaisephoto: sign, blanchisserie moved to its present location at 101. Boulevard Raspail in 1919.

You probably know all of this already, but I couldn't find its Web URL for Paris some months ago, so I dropped in last week to find out what it is. A fellow in the reception said it was easy to find, and showed it to me on his screen - without telling me the URL. Luckily, I picked up a brochure before I left.

In case you think learning French might be a waste of time, the historian Alain Decaux recently warned that English is on the skids - according to a report in 'The Guardian' by Stuart Jeffries, forwarded today by Metropole reader Alan Pavlik.

Mr. Decaux claims it is becoming a 'world language' which is less and less 'English' and increasingly 'soup to nuts' - or 'ruined by neologisms and barbarisms.' A knowledge of 'world-English' is not going to help you with Shakespeare, Wilde or Joyce, Mr. Decaux has claimed.

French, on the other hand, has official defenders such as the slow- but-sure-moving Académie Française, plus schools like the Alliance Française. France aside, there are 30 million native speakers abroad, with another 80 million 'other' French speakers forming 'la francophonie' - including me, I guess.

Restaurant Life In Paris

I can say I looked at this site that is claimed to have 22,000 Paris addresses referenced, with some of them being restaurants, but I can't remember a single thing about this.

But I still have the blurb for it, even if I don't know where it came from, and the blurb is truly impressive. If I remember correctly, 'Eat In Paris' is a French Web site, with its name in English.

Eat In Paris is also supposed to be, "Très pratique pour les touristes" - possibly because some of the restaurants are recommended by other surfers, or diners, or whatever they are.

You can search for local hash houses by location, type of food served, by ambiance and by price. For techno fans with portable phones there is also a 'Wap' service running off this Web site, enabling users to pick places to eat while waiting in line at 'no change' places.

French Tourism, Son of a Re-Run-Run

The URL for this started out with a description of what was supposed to be one jumbo Web site that included links to all the major sites dealing with 'everything you wanted to know about tourism in France.'

However, this proved to be less than advertised - or I got an 'E' with it - but finally I got to somewhere that seemed to show promise.

This seems to be the 'Tourisme en France' Web site, which has versions in French and English, and the URL here is for the version in English - but don't be surprised if its text seems to be in French - much as the 'French' in Metropole is as 'French' as I can make it, like the phrase 'Tourisme en France.'

'Vigilance Météo' - Just In Time

For over six months now I have been mistakenlyphoto: rain on leclerc saying here that Météo-France's 'Vigilance-Météo' service is available. But now that it is, the weather has proved its worth by getting violent in various regions around France.

For simple rain in Paris you need an umbrella more than vigilance.

'Vigilance-Météo' consists of assigning four colors to departments in France liable to be attacked by hurricane-speed winds, torrential downpours, heavy storms, tornados, blizzards and/or avalanches - and it is updated twice daily.

If you are curious or need to know more, give the Météo-France Web site a hit, for its short-range forecasts. The 'Vigilance-Météo' area is on the page's top left.

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