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Winter Sales Start Early

While the Galeries Lafayette announced its intention to take over the Marks & Spencer chain in France last week, talks concerning details about taking over the M&S employees will not begin before the end of the month.

In this state the present management has decided to hold its 'winter sales' at the 22 stores, from the 1st of December until the 22nd, in an effort to get rid of all the merchandise on hand.

Employees are worried because they have had good conditions under the M&S management, and they do not expect those of Galeries Lafayette to be so favorable.

Canned Pastis?

While the government's traffic safety people are trying to convince - eternally - drivers in France to drive sober - and young people not to drink at all - the Paul Ricard pastis conglomo plans to put the alcoholic drink on the market in a tinned form.

Well, not in cans either. Rather in small bottles with pop-tops. Actually, it will be pastis pre-mixed to its recommended dilution of five-to-one, or with an alcohol content of 7.5 percent by volume.

The test-market of Toulouse has been chosen as a launching-pad, set for about 10. November. The company hasn't divulged the product's name, but in Marseille's Vieux-Port it has been reported as being called the 'P'tit Jaune.'

This is not a Halloween 'trick.'

Internet Life

Is It Me or My Browser? - Part III

After careful consideration of any week's 'Question of the Week' here, I am convinced my browser is working fine enough, but its operator has no patience with Web sites that do trick things like 'freezing' all activity.

Maybe it isn't these Web sites at all. Maybe it is the WorldWideWeb and what it has become. Frankly, I do not know what it is - the Web sites, the Web, my browser, me, or my toothpaste?

But don't let my minor problems put you off. After all I am only a part-time user who is seriously considering quitting all browsing. While this is under consideration, I am also saving all of my candle-stubs in case of serious failures of the supply of plain old electricity to my poor, old computer.

The Call for Your URLs

This has been answered fairly frequently by Alan Pavlik, and last week he picked up a feature about Paris' 'Top Ten' Web sites from L'Obs, which is a fairly reliable weekly magazine - and sent a copy of their list to me.

Knowing that checking these Web sites would require more than 15 minutes, I began my 'testing' late on Saturday, actually in the low-rate access time zone of Sunday.

The first one, called 'Ze Guide' did not appear to have a Web-server in operation. I tried it twice too. But I managed better with Parissi, which is supposed to have a good 'clubbing' section.

Another one called Viva Paris is oriented towards life in the city, and it has a companion for all France, called Viva La Ville.

'Nova ' magazine's Web site was also in the list, but when I tried it I was told to download 'Flash 5.' I did not do this, so Nova's online 'Planet' remains as mysterious as the other side of Mars.

There is a new weekly program magazine, which has probably been around for years, but it has been brought to my attentionphoto: entry musee montparnasse by neighbors - as being a lot more, for only 1.50 francs extra. This is 'Zurban.' I noticed it said I should be using a late-model version of one or the other browser, but I must have the wrong one because it froze solid. The paper version of the magazine is pretty good though.

When in the neighborhood, pay the Musée du Montparnasse a visit.

This leaves six Web sites I didn't get around to on account of all the 'freezes' caused by the first four of 'Paris Ten Best' Web sites. To be continued, with a 'thankyou' to Alan for sending these in.

Restaurant Life In Paris, II

I confess I looked at this other restaurant site that claims to have 89,117 addresses referenced throughout France, with none of them being more than 'four clicks' away from my - or your - eyeballs.

'Resto-Guide' has recently had its navigation 'improved.' I can't say anything about this because I never saw its 'before' version, but don't let me put anybody off. You already know how grouchy I am about these things.

As this Web site features eating establishments all around France, you might find it useful for tracking down your favorite regional dishes - so long as you know their names in French. The search begins within a diametre of 24 kilometres, and you can increase it by three-kilometre slices. Give it a try, just for fun.

Weather Alerts

This new service from our friends at France-Météo only has one major fault - it doesn't give warnings about coming extra-fair weather, only about the bad stuff. So far it has utterly failed to signal the current wave of 'Indian Summer.' This news might even be useful for farmers and fishermen.

The warning system of 'Vigilance-Météo' consists of assigning four colors to departments or regions in France liable to be attacked by hurricane-speed winds, torrential downpours, heavy storms, tornados, blizzards and/or avalanches - and it is updated twice daily.

If you are curious or need to know more, give the Météo-France Web site a hit, for its short-range forecasts. The 'Vigilance-Météo' area is on the page's top left.

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