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With the guidance and help of the server-lady, Linda Thalman, a great deal of the mess has been cleared away. I hesitate to say that all of the problems have been solved, because I won't know how true this is until this issue goes online - later today or early tomorrow morning.

What I can say is that we've taken a major step forward towards getting everything shipshape again. Certain tests have been carried out over the weekend and they look promising.

So much so that Metropole could become even 'more live' in the future, and stay this way. If you have been inconvenienced, you have my apologies.

Your Emails

In addition to worried readers enquiring about the status of Metropole, and its 'Ed,' other correspondents have not been getting the swift replies to their emails as promised in the 'service guarantee' contained on the 'About Metropole' page.

Today's column of 'Café Life' pretty well sums up what has been and is going on around here. The only item missing is any mention of the continuing search for a sponsor for this magazine. This goes on at some level all the time.

If you have written and have not received a reply, you can expect to get one even if it seems to be somewhat tardy. The magazine's policy is quick replies, and if this is impossible, then delayed replies.

Even people who write to tell me that they think this magazine is a piece of total junk will get a respectful reply. But only one, once. Spammers get no replies, ever.

Ladies' Poster Week

Except for the poster with the ad for an Eau de Toilette for dogs called 'Dog,' all five of this week's other posters contain images of female members of humankind.

photo: club member looks at 'oh my dog' posterParis' posterweek featured many ladies for some reason last week, and all the ones shown in this issue do not include all of the ones seen on the streets here.

The café brand Lavazza even had another poster showing a lady rollerskating on a street in Hollywood, with a blown-up thimble-sized cup and saucer on her head. Its headline was 'Express Yourself' too. I don't know what it was supposed to mean.

A club member treats a stange poster to a dubious sniff.

Because of this rare effort of editorial continuity, do not imagine that other subjects of posters were absent. If you come to Paris and do not like looking at poster ladies, there are plenty of others to see.

Café Metropole Club 'Updates'

Metropole's ability to get itself and its weekly club 'report' online in a timely fashion is expected to radically improve because everybody involved has decided to quit fooling around and stop using primitive tools like popsicle sticks. Instead we are going to use some snazzy software.

You can catch up with last week's unusual club subjects - about 'changes of scenes' for example - by reading this meeting's digest of a 'report,' which also contains some important information that I've already been repeating endlessly here.

The coming meeting of the Café Metropole Club will be on Thursday, 8. November, but not at the café La Corona. See the 'Change -Location Alert' below.

This day will be another ordinary Thursday-type day called Saint-Geoffroy because it is the day of this saint's name in France.

Metropole readers and those intending to become club members can learn scads more about this free club by looking at the 'About the Club' page which explains how to join it, its meeting time and so on, and other true facts such as being free. This page also contains a location map for the club's regular café, La Corona.

Café Metropole Club Change-Location Alert

The coming meeting, on Thursday, 8. November, will be held at Le Café Lodi. Other weekly club meetings will be held at this café on the Thursdays of 15, 22, and 29. November and on 6. and 13. December too.

Le Café Lodi is located at 24. Quai du Louvre. It is about 60 metres away from La Corona, towards the Pont Neuf, next to the pet shop. See the map on the special club page in a recent issue or take a look at last week's club 'report,' which also contains a map showing the location of Le Café Lodi.

La Corona's renovation is scheduled to be completed on Friday, 14. December. The first meeting scheduled to be held in the renovated Café La Corona will be on Thursday, 20. December.

Metropole's Affiliates

The following product or service providers have chosen Metropole because their offers may be of value to you and I agree with them.

'Bookings' has a reservation service for a wide selection of Paris hotels. Check out their offers and make your choice long before your arrival in France. Or, if all the other hotel booking services are 'sold out,' try this one. Other Metropole readers have.

'HighwayToHealth' provides a 'city health profile' as well as travel insurance for potential Paris visitors. If you've signed up for these services before you need them suddenly you will benefit from them. I hope won't be the case, but 'Things Happen.'

'Petanque America' imports quality Obut boules from France and will ship them to you anywhere in the Americas - which will save you the effort of carrying them all the way from Paris. Be the first on your block to introduce the game of pétanque - or boules. Nearly everybody can play this game, nearly anywhere, nearly anytime.

This Was Metropole One Year Ago:

Issue 5.45 - 6. Nov 2000 - This week's Café Metropole column was titled, 'The 'Week of the Photo' and the 'Au Bistro' news column was titled, 'France's Flying No Smoking Zone.' This issue had one feature, titled 'Jim Morrison Isn't Here.' The program for the 'Month of the Photo' also appeared in this issue. This issue's update for the Café Metropole Club meeting on 9. November became the 'Election of the Week' Report. The week's 'Scene' columnphoto: sign, avenue des champs elysees was titled 'Holding Pattern,' due to laziness. There were four new 'Posters of the Week' and Ric's Cartoon of the Week was captioned 'Family Portrait.'

This Was Metropole Two Years Ago

Issue 4.45 - 8. Nov. 1999 - This week's Café Metropole column was titled 'Life Stays On the Rails.' The 'Au Bistro' column was titled 'French Losers Win Big Party.' This issue had one feature, titled 'Real Autumn Tracked Down In Belleville Park.' The Café Metropole Club's new news was titled, 'Membership Cards Issued.' This was accompanied by the club's 5th 'report,' which was summed up with Heather says, "Non-Members." The 'Scene' column was titled, 'Events Become Surreal,' with '2000 In Paris - The 'Fête du Millénium.' Finally, Metropole 'Got Some Emails.' The usual four 'Posters of the Week' were joined by Ric's Cartoon of the Week with the short caption of 'Lost the Match?'

The 'Count-Down' - Euro-day Minus Eight Weeks

There are 56 days remaining in this year. This means there is less and less time remaining until the 'euro' currency introduction day on Tuesday, 1. January 2002 at 00:01. Radio news reported today that a third of all Germans are unaware of this, or have decided to pretend to be.

'Euromania' and 'Eurogaga,' with its companionsphoto: sign, no parking, jouret nuit of 'Euroflation' and 'No Change,' is in full tilt in Europe. This paragraph is now no more than these four catch-words, because they are being over-used and under-understood.

In France, for the remainder of this year you can safely use whatever money you have, after it has been changed into francs.

Next year, if it seems that all Europeans have not resorted to the barter system, it will be safe to use whatever you have for money, after it has been changed into euros. What could be more simple?.

Until then, if you have some insane desire to learn more about the new European-style money, take a look at the French government's 'Euro' Web site for whatever it has to say about the arrival of the euro slightly less than only two months from now.
signature, regards, ric

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