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Spring has sprung in Paris and on Saturday France - and most of Europe I believe - will be springing forward an hour - we fall back in October, maybe together - for 'daylight savings time,' if this is what it is called here.

We missed the club's secretary at the meeting. This is my short-but- sweet report on a lovely Café Metropole Club meeting - that the 'secretary' will probably make longer if he ever gets around to it.

Just Guessing, If Memory Serves

Paris:- Thursday, 4. April 2002:- Just three minutes after three, today's two new club members Judi Daunell of Bakersfield, California and Bill Knoff from Burlington, Vermont walked up to my club table in La Corona's 'grande salle.'

Both knew about 'no rules' at the club and despite this carefully filled out the questionnaires I'd printed out, in lieu of the club's little members' booklet the club's secretary probably has in his hot little hands in New York City or wherever he went.

The winner of the vote for the 'City of the Week' was Burlington, but Bakersfield was a close second if not a tie. Take your choice!

We chatted for the full two hours and somewhat more, comparing health care services, education, 'Life In Paris' and a dozen other themes I promptly forgot to write down.

But the 'Quote of the Week' has to be from Bill. "There are more cows in Vermont than people." How many cows and people there actually are we never found out. I'm guessing there are more people than cows in Paris, however.

Judi is staying in the east suburbs one minute from the RER 'A' stop at Champigny for a month of vacation. She spent Monday and Tuesday flying to France and wasn't sure how long she's been here - but, like Bill, she knew it was club day and Thursday.

Bill is celebrating his retirement by staying for six months in France and says, "I now do not have to be nice to people" - but he was nice to Judi and me.

The 'Waiter of the Week' was a new fellowphoto: sundae on tray I didn't recognize. Patrick was out on the terrace servingup drinks and food to the sun-worshipers. It's been sunny and warm - temperatures up to 20 degrees. April in Paris this year has started out absolutely gloriously.

Finally, irresistable desserts with prices as no object!

Photos were taken but there's no guarantee of in or out of focus shots because the club's secretary took his silly 'focus-puller' with him to New York or wherever he went.

That's my short-and-sweet report for another wonderful club meeting - number 129, for you counters - that we spent along with white and red wine. I forgot to take any pics of the 'Drinks of the Week' on account of the 'Drinks of the Week.'

Secretary's Note

Paris:- Thursday, 11. April 2002:- For doing these two 'reports' Linda deserves the 'Memory of the Week' award for two consecutive weeks because the notes she sent me are only about 38 disjointed words long. A big 'thank you' is due to the server-lady for handling these meetings.

Walter Pappas' photos taken during the meeting held last 18. October are fine, but fail to show Mark Kritz or Walter Pappas, who I believe were both at this particular meeting.

As a special bonus, I will spare club members and readers all of the 'club stuff' usually found on club reports' pages, partly because this is included with the report of today's club meeting, also in this issue for technical reasons, and because it is Thursday again.

A bientôt à Paris, for Linda Thalman

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