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As far as posters go, you can forget last week. If you didn't see them you didn't miss much.

Beaujolais Nouveau Day

Wine drinkers, even if they are fussy, usually have at least one little glass of this young wine, once. My problemphoto: grocery, tabac last Thursday on Beaujolais Nouveau day was not noticing anybody drinking it at the club - some members ordered the big pots - and emptied them without comment. I should have figured out there was a reason for the outbreak of dancing.

Many ordinary cafés and bars have their barrels on the bar, and in the café Rendez-vous, the bar crew was dressed for the occasion with straw boaters and black aprons, mostly with multicolored ribbons around their collars attached to various Beaujolais Nouveau accessories.

In a general way, the fête for this wine is a fête for all wine. As such it is a welcome reminder that there is an alternative to beer in cafés - which has its rare fêtes too.

It needs them. As far as I can tell, French beer is drunk much more than wine, but its quality is going downhill. The premium brand these days seems to be Leffe, and it seems to be the only one there is in most places - if they even have it. I am not sure standard beers are even French anymore.

While it is possible to get into discussions about wines, nobody is passionate about the beer they swill. Understand though, I am not referring to any of the many places specializing in beers - or in wines.

'About' Café Metropoleô Blanc de Blanc

Allan Pangborn has been thinking for a good many years about how he would make his own champagne-type sparkling wine while making it for his employers' big wineries.

Without divulging any of his trade secrets, he explains how he goes about making Café Metropole Blanc de Blanc in this issue's installment of 'How To Get Rich On the Internet' by being able to drink an online magazine about Paris.

Basically, what he does, he does himself and does it by mostly hand. This is not really a way to get rich quick, but we don't care just so long as our wine is much better than all the other drinkable online magazines.

Café Metropole Club 'Updates'

Follow this link to last week's "Something Must Be Wrong!" club meeting report, even if you are not interested in helpful Parisians helping you to find yourself when you are unable to read a Paris map.

All the unnecessary details concerning the club - actually completely redundant - are available for youphoto: fiat 500 of the week on the 'About the Club' page. If you think you need the virtual membership card, you can attempt to hacksaw it right off the screen and imitate the secretary's virtual signature on it.

This week's Fiat 500 of the Week, comfortably parked in a loading zone.

Joining your own free club is also mentioned on the same page. To save you a short hyperlink trip to it, all you need to know is - be up at the café on the Quai du Louvre in Paris known worldwide as the Café La Corona on any Thursday.

The coming meeting of the Café Metropole Club will be on Thursday, 28. November. The official 'Saints' Day of the Week' next Thursday is Jacques de la Marché. It is called this because it is a week after Beaujolais Nouveau day, and is a perfectly normal Thursday for a change.

New readers of 'Metropole Paris' can save its URL as one of your favorite bookmarks to avoid mistyping its overly-long 'URL' name of www.metropoleparis.com every time you have an urge to read a club report, or a regular edition like this one.

Metropole's Affiliates

Anticipating the snail-like creation of a new page for 'Partners' of Metropole Paris, the 'affiliates' that have been listed here since before Paris' last 'Great Flood,' have been moved out of this space. They are still reachable via the column on the left on the contents page, and their 'blurbs' will reappear on the 'Partners' page when it becomes available not long from now, I hope.

This Was Metropole One Year Ago:

Issue 6.48 - 26. Nov 2001 - This issue kicked off with the Café Metropole column's 'Search for High Heels.' The 'Au Bistro' column's headline was 'Cops On Strike.' Not this year though. This issue had one feature titled 'Is It True?' - Not a Jot of Difference.' The update for the Café Metropole Club meeting on 29. November was called the "A Lot of Gravity Here" report. The week's 'Scene' column changed its tune with 'A Week of No 'Last Chances.' The week's fourphoto: sign, livres, maunscrits, door decor new 'Posters of the Week' were on view once more and Ric's 'Cartoon of the Week' had the caption, 'Bobbi Red Boots.'

This Was Metropole Two Years Ago

Issue 5.48 - 27. Nov 2000 - Before this week's Café Metropole column mentioned 'Ed' Discovers 'Real Life,' there was a 'Newsflash' titled, 'Ed' Falls On Knee.' The 'Au Bistro' column's headline was 'Tourist Zone - Saint-Germain.' There were two features, titled 'A Paris Winter Picnic' and 'Photo Exhibit - Paris' Other 1900.' The Café Metropole Club update for this issue on 30. November, was appropriately titled the 'Pratfall of the Week' report. The 'Scene' column's headline was 'A Smidgen of Christmas.' The four new 'Posters of the Week' were featured and Ric's Cartoon of the Week had the caption of "No Games!"

Will the 'Real' Count-Down Stand Up?

The number of days left to go until we get a new year, which will probably be 2003, is only 36. The nextphoto: sign, le 21 novembre, no banane fireworks are set off at the Tour Eiffel on New Years Eve will be about 997 years from now, so it is too soon to start the 'count-down' for it this week.

The actual 'count-down,' rashly suggested by reader and club member Jim Auman, is still active. Alexandre Dumas' is to be unburied someplace and reburied with pomp in the Panthéon on Saturday, 30. November. This is, luckily, only five days from now.

Wherever Alexandre Dumas was, is, or will be, he is commemorated by a wall plaque somewhere. The 'mysterious' fake plaques story mentioned here a couple of weeks ago, are still being newly 'discovered' by all sorts of other publications. Although first spotted some years ago, their 'new discovery' by a city council member of the UMP party, has not actually cleared up the 'mystery' of UMP's origins.

This just goes to show that not all 'urban legends' have their planned effect. The plaques were supposed to remind you that RPR+UDF+DL=UMP, with 'P' standing for 'Populaire.' I decline to blame anyone if for failing to remember this.
signature, regards, ric

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