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This magazine's attorney in the United States has been alerted to prepare a suitable defense against any attempts by Kennebunk town officials to reduce the number of 'signs' in Metropole, and specifically the photograph of 'Hebrew National' - which when transformed into hot dogs, I must say, were pretty tasty.

A Bigger Issue Shorter

The photos for the 'Au Bistro' column are already twirling around on the server. I have been having trouble uploading files to Metropole's Web server so I decided to do it earlier rather than sit around for a couple of hours in the zero hours of Tuesday morning here, watching not much happening pretty slowly.

Several correspondents who I do not think read Metropole have been busy writing to me about France's lousy reputation in the war business of society, as if I can or should do something about it.

I have been replying to the emails, usually starting off with, 'Why me?' From what I can understand, the lunatic fringe has become into the mainstream, and a lot of people are shooting off their mouths like a bunch of over-tired 12 year-olds who should have been put to bed three hours ago.

It seems to me that the least I can do is present what people here seem to be thinking. I am pretty sure what is really happening here isn't being reported with any great accuracy by usually reliable press sources in the United States itself - they seem to have gone off the rails, trying to out-Hearst the Hearst of 1898.

So then, if the war that the letter writers seem to so desperately want hasn't already started tomorrow, I will attempt to treat this subject with the attention it deserves, in this issue's 'Au Bistro' column.

'About' Café Metropoleô Blanc de Blanc

Allan Pangborn has been fixing up the machine shop part of the winery and while doing so has had time to muse about the Café Metropole Blanc de Blanc label and why it is like it is.

You are therefore invited to read these thoughts from 'The Shed' so that when you are sipping Café Metropole Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine, you will know why you may start thinking about Paris.

Café Metropole Club 'Reports'

Be sure to hit this link to last week's 'First Major Spa Honored' club meeting report, which featured a place so obscure that it is mostly inhabited by illegal aliens.

The 'Call for Beano 'List' - asking readers and club members for their favorite Paris restaurants - if they are willingphoto: citroen, mercier, champagne truck to share their secrets - is getting a steady stream of responses. Although the 'list' is still not long, I need to put it together, but I think I wrote this last week and the week before already.

Hint for Allan - this was Mercier's truck for delivering Champagne. Note its hooter.

If you have been paying attention - and the senders of lists have been - you will remember this is to be sort of the Café Metropole Club's own guide, suggested exclusively by its hungrier members. You might trust fellow members taste if you trust your own.

The coming meeting of the Café Metropole Club will be on Thursday, 13. February. This third February meeting marks the definitive end of second February meetings for this year. The Saint's Day of the Week will be Sainte-Béatrice.

Nearly all of the dozens of details concerning the club - actually only the club's address is useful to know - are handily placed on the 'About the Club' page. If you think the virtual membership card may be useful, you can try to peel it right off your monitor and keep it right next to your snazzy plastic cards.

Extra-Super Forever-Time Offer IV

Linda Thalman, sometimes known as the 'server-lady,' chattily comments about language, tourism news, events and stories from and about Paris, France and some very foreign places. The newsletter is sent by email every month. Many Café Metropole Club members recommend it too.

Linda's 'Paris In Sites Newsletter' has been plugged here for several eons now. Linda also produces a companion Web site. Every sub increases my 'café-credit' by one thimble, worth more than a dollar here.

This Was Metropole One Year Ago:

Issue 7.07 - 11. Feb 2002 - This issue began with the Café Metropole column's 'This Magazine Is Online!' After nearly six years lingering doubt was dispelled. The 'Au Bistro' column featured the news that 'Jacques Is Running,' as an opening shot for last year's elections here. There was sort of one feature, titled 'It's Wheelie Time Again at Rétromobile.' The update for the Café Metropole Club meeting on 14. February was called the 'First' Valentine Meeting' report of the week. It might have been the 'last' one too. The issue's 'Scene' column doubled its value with fresh 'Year of the Horse' items. Thephoto: sign, peugeot, les amis du lion week's four new 'Posters of the Week' were on their usual pages and Ric's 'Cartoon of the Week' had the caption, 'Rétro Valentine.'

This Was Metropole Five Years Ago

Issue 3.07 - 16. February 1998 - The week's Café Metropole column was about weather, with 'Fake Spring Surprises Paris.' The 'Au Bistro' column's title was 'Weather and Lucky Valentines.' Weather, weather! There were two features, titled 'The 'Grands Boulevards,' Part 23' and 'On the Ile Saint-Louis - Island in the Sun.' There was no Café Metropole Club update for this issue because the club didn't begin until late the following year. The 'Scene' column was missing but there was an Email feature, with Nicki Ryker's 'Trip of a Lifetime.' The four new 'Posters of the Week' were featured and Ric's Cartoon of the Week was captioned 'Late but Sunny Valentine.' Valentine! Valentine!

Three Count-Downs That Are

Jim 'Exciting Count-Down' Aumanphoto: badge, shelby gt 500 is getting tired of his neighbors pointing him out and saying, "There goes Jim 'Exciting Count-Down' Auman! Why does he do count-downs for that guy in Paris when there's plenty to do here?" But they don't say 'what' there is to do there.

Music lovers may be delighted to learn that Hector Berlioz will have his 200th anniversary this year, on Sunday, 11. December. Hector is headed for permanent residence in the Panthéon too, on Saturday, 21. June - coinciding with the Fête de la Musique - which is 132 days off. Otherwise, Hector's 200th birthday is 305 days from now.

The number of days left this year is 317. Jim's latest count-down date is the centennial anniversary of the Tour de France, which will be about 100 this year, sometime.

This makes three count-downs without any new ones being added, plus one anniversary, without a date. I came across a couple of other count-downs for this year - quite important ones - but I've forgotten what I've done with them.
signature, regards, ric

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