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Once I get wine-type photos, this page will be getting the same treatment. This may happen sooner than I think because the hot weather has moved this grape harvest in France ahead on the calendar.

Metropole's Page Layout Change

When it comes to changing things here, I don't like to get too far ahead of the 15th century's Johann Gutenberg. But a reader said things looked a bit squished after I put in the extra column with the links to the 'Partner' and 'About' pages. When I saw what the Explorer browser, set to 'default' did, I decided to put in some elbow-room to air it all out a bit.

My copy of Explorer was set to 'x-font' and 16 points by default. I changed its preferences to 'Arial' and 12-point, and this got it pretty much under control. Metropole's pages specify standard PC or Mac sans-serif fonts, and the basic type size is 12, with 10-point for unimportant boilerplate stuff.

Explorer displays all type slightly larger than Netscape. The extra space in the layout should stop the 'orphans.' You get these when there isn't enough space for a word, so it drops to the line below. Gutenberg hated 'orphans.'

Metropole's 'mailto:' Change

Please read the following, again, with great care. The new email address for 'Ric,' 'Ed,' and the Café Metropole Club's secretary is henceforth ericksonr@wanadoo.fr. It may not be snappy, but most of the time all you need to do is click it wherever you see my name, and a ready-to-go email form pops up.

To be on the safe side, even if you never intend to write, make a note of it and maybe put it in your address book. For doing this, I promise that if you never do write, I will not reply.

If case you have not read this important note carefully, do not worry. I will repeat it one way or another 3497 times. I know this is unnecessary because, except for the Nigerian business-lady formerly married to the nation's top swindler, nobody else has used the new address, because you are all on holidays.

'About' Café Metropoleô Blanc de Blanc

The Café Metropole Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine can now be ordered online through the Moonlight Web site. This is thanks to Allan Pangborn, its maker, Metropole reader and Cafe Metropole Club member.

Now that online ordering is possible, you will also be able to read the ongoing story of the wine on the Moonlight site. On this end I've added a permanent 'About Metropole's Wine' page that will tell the entire history of the wine, plus it has the same link as the URL above so that you can place orders easily - which I hope you will do.

Café Metropole Club 'Reports'

Click this link lightly to get a look at last week's 'Coincidental Meeting' club 'report.' The swelteringphoto: chicken of the week weather helped produce calm meeting, with many members and a respectable number of new members.

A mere couple of other details concerning the club can be found tidily grouped on the self-contained 'About the Club' page, because there aren't more than a couple. The virtual membership card on this page continues to be free though.

Another true 'first' - Metropole's 'Chicken of the Week.'

The next meeting of the Café Metropole Club will be on Thursday, 24. July. The Saint's Day of the Week will be Sainte-Christine. But I ignore my somewhat unreliable saints-book, to bring you an important message instead.

Café Metropole Club - Coming Meetings

After the meeting on Thursday, 24. July, the club's regular secretary - as a result of a continental shift - will be 'Not Found' for the meetings of 31. July, 7. August and 14. August. I am pleased to announce that both the server-lady, Linda Thalman, and club member number one, Heather Stimmler-Hall, will be conducting the meetings on these dates, either together, or solo, or both.

If you intend to attend these meetings, please treat these two club members as if they were the club's secretary, which they are, temporarily. Linda may be a bit hard-nosed about filling out the new-member questionnaire, so humor her. Heather may forget it entirely, so be sure to remind her that someone should at least note your name, hometown and email address - and read you your 'rights' rather than the suspended 'rules.'

This Was Metropole One Year Ago

Issue 7.30 - 22. July 2002 - The issue's Café Metropole column was titled, 'There Was 'Happy' Weather.' The 'Au Bistro' column appeared, with 'The Postman Rings Again.' The feature of the week was headlined 'Todo El Mundo - Vamos a la Playa!' The Café Metropole Club update for this issue on 25. July had the 'Two Real Members Really' report. Since it was summer, there was no Scene column for this issue. To make up for it there was an eMail message of some kind called 'Dimitri's Postcard - Goes and Comes.' Therephoto: sign, quai henri iv were four new 'Posters of the Week' like clockwork and Ric's Cartoon was auto-motively captioned, "You Said, You Promised..."

This Was Metropole Three Years Ago

Issue 5.30 - 24. July 2000 - This issue started off with the horrible 'FlashNews' of Tuesday, 25. July:- 'Concorde Crashes.' The Café Metropole column's title was 'Two Tours In One Day.' The 'Au Bistro' column was headlined 'Friday Roller Rando Banned.' This was only temporary. Instead of a weekly feature, there was a 'Scene' column titled, 'Paris In Deep Drowse.' The update for the Café Metropole Club's meeting on 27. July, was called the 'No Doctors, No Lawyers!' report. Otherwise, in another club feature, there was 'Non-Member Says 'Club News' Not Boring.' There were four super new 'Posters of the Week' and Ric's 'Cartoon of the Week' was captioned, 'You Promised!' I suspect this was the same cartoon as in 2002.

No Summer Recess for 'Mardi Noir'

The disappointing news to all those intending to visit France for its vast selection of summer festivals is that casts and crews have been on strike, over unemployment issues,photo: sign, bikes, to theright recently modified by France's employers' federation.

The paragraph above hasn't changed from last week. Major festivals have been cancelled, but some are going ahead as planned. Be sure to call ahead to find out about the status of any festivals you've booked.

Some events in Paris are getting closed-down too, on a piecemeal basis. The fate of the outdoor movies out at La Villette is unknown, although a decision was supposed to be announced this evening. The 'Paris - Quartier d'Eté' program has been completely cancelled. Be sure to use the 'InfoTel' numbers if in doubt.

For Relentless Countdown Fans

This week's exciting 'count-down' has been provided by Jim 'Count-Down' Auman, who is otherwise spending the summer holding up his bedroom ceiling. Saturday, 11. October marks the 40th anniversary of the death of Edith Piaf, who has not recorded any new songs lately even though some new ones have been released. The sad date to remember is 83 days from today.

With absolutely no fanfare, the number of days left this year is 163. This may not seem like a long time until 2004, but my magic calendar - now found! - knows. This neat bit of software is by Ruben Fernandez, and it can do tricks from the year 'One' to 10,000 AD, including 'days until' and 'days since' between any two dates you chose. Doing 'BC' dates with it, as an aid, is not impossible either.

Oh. I've just noticed that one of the two bugs on my monitor is the cursor. I thought it was a Concorde-shaped mouche.
signature, regards, ric

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