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"The dark red ones could be Dr. Pepper," Heather guesses.

James helpfully, "There was another bag of them, with mango, pineapple, exotic fruits." Heather tries one, but doesn't say what it tastes like. "What if you just ate gummis for three weeks?" Heather muses.

One kilo bag full of fresh gummibären, weighs a kilo.

"No scurvy! They've got ascorbic acid in them," James asserts. "Try a white!"

"I'm trying a yellow," Heather says. While contemplating the exquisite taste Heather observes that none of the present members shave often. "This week it's the beard club!"

When Mark suggests that gummibären could be a diet, if they were in salad dressing – "I'm a reformed scientist!" Heather counters with, "What earthly use is a 1997 Ikea catalogue?"

At the beginning of the meeting Heather mentioned having a sizeable crêpe, 'complet,' before coming to the café. But now, as the bären disappear, her mind wanders. "I kind of miss doughnut shops – those Doughnut Holes!"

Which remind her of another find. "Have you see these? They're for party feet," she says, displaying a couple of packages of Dr. Scholl's 'Shopping and Dancing.'

The sun outside is bright on the café'sphoto, mark kritz terrace so we exit for the 'Group Photo of the Week.' The members are so full of gummibären that they insist on sitting down, which gives a completely new angle on the scheme of life.

The rest of the meeting, after Mark has left for Samaritaine and Conforama to look for an Ikea chair, consists of persuading Heather to take some of the gummibären with her. The secretary fears having to lug a kilo of them back to the 14th.

Mark, with his 'Beard of the Week.'

Heather, saying she doesn't like frozen pizza all that much, accepts a quarter of the gummis. I wonder how long they'll last. Should I bring my bären collection back to future meetings? For the 55th weekly anniversary, maybe?

Support Member's Books, Dept. II

Heather's big news is about her Paris adventure guide book's official launch in Paris. This will happen on Wednesday, 19. January, at 20:00, at the Abbey Bookshop. This is in the 5th arrondissement at 29. Rue de la Parcheminerie, just off the Rue de la Harpe. Go early and buy a dozen copies so that there's room enough to stand inside the place.

I tried this last night after getting a reminder to be there at 20:00, but the door was locked and it was dark inside. I didn't find the back–up couscous place either and only by chance remembered to look at the invitation – to find I was on time but exactly a week early.

Shopping & Soldes d'Hiver Alert VIII

The Soldes d'Hiver have begun and they continue for a bit more than four weeks until Saturday, 12. February. The best stuff may be gone already, but what's left may get even cheaper.

More About the Café Metropole Club's About Page

Today's club meeting 'report,' without any legit 'Food of the Week,' at least had a mention of crêpes.photo, scholl shopping & dancing The 'About the Café Metropole Club' page has a passel of readable small print, but you can skip it all and not miss anything significant. If you do decide to skip absolutely everything, all you need to know is that the club can be joined anytime so long as it's a Thursday.

You can become a lifetime member for ever of this online magazine's real, live, and free club by becoming a member zip–zam–bam on a Thursday blah blah etc etc etc., and–so–on, and–so–forth etc. Should you skip this paragraph, skip the proceeding one too.

Absolute necessity for the 'Soldes d'Hiver.'

The club's 'rules' evolved into obscure legends, created by the club's members 39 years ago. The club's other feature is that it is the only club related to an Internet magazine that subsists with no forms to fill out, no newsletter, regardless of how many requests there are for one. To unsubscribe, unhook or disconnect, go to a movie.

Who, Where, When, How, What, Why Not?

The club's meetings begin about 15:00 on the hour, on Thursday afternoons and fade away around 17:00 on the same Thursday afternoon in the western European Time zone – which is really 'CET' for short and not 'ZOZT' although it sometimes is – and known elsewhere as 3 pm to 5 pm. The club's secretary never gets any offer from Mannheim, but hopes, so far, vainly.

Be fiendishly clever at a meeting – like being at one – and become somewhat famous for a hour or two if it is what you truly want. True 'firsts' are welcome, with 'true' having approximately the same gummibären value as 'Gumdrop of the Week,' especially if fruchtsaft is concerned. 'True' is perfectly acceptable too, if it is an unbelievable form of 'first.'

Note of Caution – you may have any one or more personal reasons for remaining unfindable via the Web. If so, be sure to inform the club's secretary that you prefer to be '404 – not found' by Web search engines before becoming 'found' in one of these club reports. Google yourself if in doubt.graphic: club location map

Former 'rules' continue to be 'former' week after week after week, month after month, year after endless year, and have been eliminated forever etc., blah–blah, from the club's hyper–texts of archives except for all the original texts still online buried in the deep and dark cellars of upper Baden.

Talking to other club members at meetings is warmly encouraged rather than optional if there aren't any. If there's a free chair, sit – wherever you like, or haul one over from another part of the café. Bring your own if you want. Whatever you say will be much appreciated by other members present if there are any that are listening, and there usually are some – and if it should chance to be written here.*

*The above paragraphs are relatively unchanged since last week because this week's meeting would have mentioned the 'Chair of the Week' if we had only known.

The café's location is:

Café–Tabac La Corona
2. Rue de l'Amiral de Coligny – or – 30. Quai du Louvre
Paris 1. Métro: Louvre–Rivoli, Pont–Neuf or Châtelet.
Every Thursday from 15:00 to 17:00.

A bientôt à Paris
signature, regards, ric

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