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In fact spokesmen for France–2 TV said that it was a private affair and the network had no comment to make. Béatrice Schoenberg presents the news regularly on the national network's FR–2 channel and has done so for many years.

Jean–Louis Borloo is the current Minister of Employment and Social Cohesion in the government of Dominique de Villepin, and his office also refused to comment. The deputy mayor of Rueil–Malmaison, Patrick Ollier,photo, ferris wheel, tuileries also refused to comment after performing the marriage ceremony.

The SJD journalists' union at France–2 raised doubts about the future credibility of the journalist, caused by her marriage to the government minister.

And as one politician put it, 'marrying a journalist isn't the best way to get talked about. There's a risk of not being quoted by the partner's media.'

Whirling, twirling, in the Tuileries.

Jean–Louis Borloo has degrees in philosophy, history, economics and law as well as having a MBA from the University of Manchester. Member of the Paris bar, Mr. Borloo had a consultancy specializing in assisting companies in difficulty with financial markets; mergers and acquisitions. From 1989 to 1992 he was a member of the European Parliament. He was elected as a French deputy in 1993 and has been mayor of Valenciennes since 1991. His first ministerial post came in 1992 in the government of Jean–Pierre Raffarin and he has a bright future.

Another Sorry Record

The weekend between July and August is traditionally the weekend with the most traffic because the July shift is returning and the August shift is heading out to fun in the sun, and in France this criss–cross migration involves a large number of other European holidayers.

Traffic authorities in France classed the departure direction from Paris as 'noir' while those on the return trip were only 'orange.' At 13:00 on Saturday officials estimated the length of traffic jams in France at 749 kilometres, which was a fair amount more than the 674 km figure for the same weekend a year ago.

Difficulties began at sunrise on the favored routes to the south and continued until sundown. The roads around Lyon were saturated as usual, and there were huge lines stalled at all exit toll plazas in all major directions.

Not to be overlooked, wine growers were protesting in the Aude department and waterfowl hunters were protesting the late opening of the season in the area around Caen.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

After the 2012 Olympic games were attributed to London, I am a bit surprised the learn that Olympic games will be held in Vancouver in 2010. I wouldn't know about this expect for reports of local bears infesting areas of North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Port Moody and Coquitlam.

The report says that bear sightings in the city have increased fourfold over 2004 and that they have been spotted 1200 times this year since the beginning of summer. The authorities say that the plague involves about 50 animals who are attracted by slovenly habits such as sloppy garbage bags left on the streets, pet food dishes out in gardens, or even the seeds in birdcages.

None of this is happening in the City of Vancouver, which is a civilized place pretty much surrounded by waterphoto, fog, paris plage and Burnaby. Where the bears are is close to the mountains where the bears live, but if they put one paw on a paved street they are shot, as 39 were in 1999., much to the disgust of bear lovers – or residents of Vancouver, where there aren't any.

That's how it is, at the beach.

A local association is even willing to show doubters that living with wild bears is a possibility, with a big dose of caution and a bigger dose of nerve. Thanks to these fine folks the number of bears getting blown away has diminished, and some are even getting free trips to the interior of the province where they are supposed to get lost.

Also, fines of up to 525 Canadian dollars are being handed out for sloppy garbage habits, and the government is supplying two full–time employees to get rid of the unwelcome zooless bears. North Vancouver is not only a paradise for folks who love living on a mountainside, but bears appreciate the tasty free salmon in the rivers that tumble down it and the wild berries that grow like plump, ripe weeds in the forest.

According to Olympic officials, visitors to Vancouver for the games have little to fear. They aren't going to give the bears any choice – if they persist in hanging around in games areas, they will be helped to leave. Also I assume these are winter games scheduled for 2010. If so, bears are usually asleep in the winter, even in British Columbia.

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