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By this time tomorrow there will probably be nothing left, not one shred of cheese cracker, so I decide it's time to go to Chinatown. Walking back through Ivry to the Métro is like walking forward through it. Ivry is worth a visit for itself, especially if I feel like capturing some authentic depression.

Chinatown is only three stations away. I get off at a station that only re–opened yesterday. Right outside is a McDonald's. I mean it's got a big yellow 'M' and the rest of it looks like faux–Chinese, but the menu looks like Wal–Mart. I've gotten out at the wrong stop too and have to walk the long block over to the Avenue d'Ivry.

Outside the supermarket there a demonstration going on, bad–mouthing the Communists, the PCC. A sign says, 'Four million Chinese have quit the party.' A flyer I'm handed says, 'The Party's Over!' Inside the supermarket I find my Vietnamese hot sauce and dither over getting the jumbo size, but it costs 2.18€. A young lady asks me if I know where the sauce for sushi is kept. I didn't realize knowing Tomoko showed. I guess it is near the Japanese soy and that's the last I see of her. Sushi is for bobos.

Boy, Chinatown smells good! My stomach is yelling 'stop.' 'Go in this place,' it says, 'get some soup here!' I stagger along with all the Saturday shoppers and hop the 62 bus at Tolbiac and ride over to Alésia, which is also jammed with shoppers even if it doesn't small as good, not until I pass an open cheese stand on the sidewalk.

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Get Rich Not So Quick

photo: pic, gilbert shelton, studio

Pic and Gilbert fixing up the 'studio.'

Wednesday:– Gilbert Shelton was my second editor, after the first one quit and went to a better life at 'True.' Shelton is about a year older than me, so he was a green Texas boy in Manhattan while I was wet in the ears in Vancouver. Just over 30 years later I learned that Shelton was living in Paris, so I called him up and went over to make an acquaintance with the creator of the 'Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.'

Roll the calendar ahead another decade and Shelton was still puttering around in his studio across the street from a place that the Nazis used as a holding center during the occupation. On Wednesday his partner Pic was up a ladder adding some paint touches to the studio's facade while Shelton was making replacement parts out of crappy scrap wood.

'Big news,' he said. The production company has sent him a DVD with trial scenes from the Freak Bros. animated movie – about five minutes' worth. He and Pic continued to add wood scraps, and lots of putty to hide the screw heads. The studio is being renovated, in the process of becoming a gallery, to be called 'Art Kerblooie.' It will feature the work of Shelton, possibly Robert Crumb, and many of the other underground heros of the nights at the Avalon Ballroom.

After Dava had found the studio, after taking an utterly wrong direction trip to Pere Lachaise, after giving us copies of her new CD, 'This Poem,' "It's too new to play yet," she said – we went across Voltaire to Shelton's apartment to have a look at the movie DVD.

It's great. It's the 'Freak Bros.' alright. Fat Freddy's pants do a ripple flop, and you realize it's the fart of the week, evenphoto, comic cover, not quite dead without the sound. Fat Freddy's mean cat is true to life, er, true to the comic. On this trial, only a few minutes' worth, the 'Freak Bros.' live. It will be terrific! Even this demo is already a cult film.

Like the figurines that have been done over the years, the 'Freak Bros.' characters in the movie are clay models, photographed frame–by–frame, and then included into computer–art background scenes. The funky, fuzzy, sleazy detail is all there, covered with grime and dried beer spills.

It's an English production company, which means it can make the movie without looking over its shoulder at the minority moralists of the christian right. The movie will not be politically correct any more than the comic strips are, so it should appeal to all those latent lefties and ex–drop–outs and everybody who lives the Freak life six days a week. As for teenagers, Freak on film will set a new, low level of bad taste, destined to become the movie that 21st century parents hate.

Right now the production company is seeking the next slice of financing, probably the biggest part of the pizza. If you've got a million bucks sitting idle and you like risks, you could do a lot worse by investing it in a here–today gone–tomorrow gold mine. The 'Freak Bros.' have been around non–stop since the 60s – and yet this is the first major treatment of the 'Freak Bros.' If you are used to trash, the 'Freak Bros.' is your cookie.

If you've got the spare million – write to me and I will forward to Gilbert Shelton who will be able to put interested parties who want to get rich not so quick in contact with the production company. It's safe enough; they are British – like Monty Python.

As for the ritual disclaimer – I am not now and never have been an employee or business associate of Gilbert Shelton or of his enterprises, nor do I have any financial stake in the 'Freak Bros.' film even if I wish I did.

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photo, davaListen to Dava's 'This Poem,' just released on a CD with cover art by Stanley Mouse of Mouse Studios. Produced, written and performed by Dava, with music by Arlan Schierbaum. Recorded at Buffalo Studios, Van Nuys, California, like, last week.

'Not Quite Dead' comic book cover © Gilbert Shelton. Also copyright by Rip Off Press and Knockabout Comics. Issue number 5 is now on the stands somewhere.

Dava live in Paris!

'Not Quite Dead' comic series by Pic and Shelton is about a 'Dead' type of band that is alive but not very well on the scene in Paris or some other grotty place. Loveable characters, nice scenery of funky east Paris, snappy dialogue and printed in wonderful colors.

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