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But First – the 'Headline of the Week'

'RIDICULES!' in big black capital letters graces today's front page of Le Parisien. This word is part of the paper's Sports News and it is about the football game yesterday between the city team PSG and Olympic Marseille's second–string junior squad – the equivalent of the 5th division – a scruffy gang that the mighty PSG machine was unable to overcome. Score – zero–zero. In French, a match–null.

Not being an active football fan I do not know what the fuss was about. But radio–news said that Marseille intended only to send its junior Jims to Paris, and also asked its fans to forego the trip and hang out at the OM Café in sunny downtown Marseille's Vieux–Port.

photo, ex-free chickenOnce free as a bird.

Le Parisien is outraged. They quote the president of PSG, Pierre Blayau, saying, "J'ai honte." This was in the stadium with all the city's bigwigs in the stands – oh! – the shame!

It was first time in history, for a zero–zero score, that the whole world in Marseille turned out to Saint–Charles station today to greet, cheer, acclaim their junior team, returning heros of the day, with a celebration that will be difficult to top in a town much given to gaudy parades.

Canal+ the pay cable–TV operator is the owner of PSG. A poll showed that cable subscribers rated the broadcast at 8.6 out of 20, the lowest rating ever. PSG fans at the Parc des Princes were not less disappointed. 'A bunch of sheep,' said one fan who wished he'd gone to the last day of the Salon d'Agriculture instead.

Hacking, Hacking, Hacking

Maybe it should be, 'Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.' I wish I were on vacation. The broad design of the new Metropole was sketched on a napkin and Josef M. Schomburg quickly translated the scribble into functional code. And then, as they say, the funnies began.

It's a bit like making sand castles. The rough structure goes up quickly and then attention is paid to detail. Work on a tower forges ahead, up and up it goes, and than some finishing touches are applied. Step back to admire it and the first thing you notice is the whole back wall has fallen down. As soon as you put it right the tower collapses, over and over.

Like a sand castle the code behind these pages is like grains of sand. It sticks together for a while... Look. It's my fault. I designed the thing to look as simple as dirt. I forgot what a piece of meccano it is. The way it was before, it took me years to get it that way. Now it's like a start–over. There are 98 blinkedy–blink loose nuts.

This explains, friends, readers, and club members, why there isn't more to this issue. On the other hand blog–fever finally gripped me – no doubt 48 hours before it becomes a wash–out – and GoodBlogWeek began timidly last week, with more to come this week.

I'm sorry about the cows and chickens. I went down to Paris Expo yesterday, just a few hours before the end of this year's Beautiful Cow Show. There they were. The big, beautiful, cows. Plus sheep, piglets, goats – I think – and all the foodlies, even chickens. You could see them, you could eat them, you could take them home, all ready to eat whole or in pieces but none were there to pet, fondle, cuddle or hear, cock–a –doodle–do!

The Latest Café Metropole Club 'Report'

The 'Club Meeting of the Week' last Thursday tripped off my fingers as the To Catch a Mouse meeting report thanks to memberette Tomoko and her tales of wild animals in her kitchen, and what to feed them. But enough is enough and if the mouse is reading this, pay attention – Tomoko wants her kitchen back!

photo,pastel drinks, italy Boot or leg drinks from Italy.

The next Thursday meeting of the Café Metropole Club will NOT be happening at the Café La Corona on 9. March. The café, in a burst of renovations that began somewhere around 2000, will be undergoing some painting this week. If this has caught anybody short they should write to me, to arrange a possible fallback, back–up, or emergency alternative location.

A basically fairly true story about the club is on the 'About the Club' page. Should you be curious enough, help yourself to an examination of the club's original and hand– crafted membership card, almost a collector's item. No less Hors d'âge, the club membership is guaranteed to be what it actually is – no less than life–long and easily worth a snappy buck any day on eBay.

A bientôt à Paris
signature, regards, ric

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