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Tonight's TV–news clearly showed armored and helmetted CRS anti–riot police smashing flimsy barricades of cafeteria chairs and old desks to smithereens, to get at the students who were jumping out of windows. I mean this is what TV showed but the audio part claimed it was students making antiauthoritarian whoopie, and the head cheese of the Sorbonne said it was a disgrace. Only 30 were arrested. Today of course, everybody was back on the barricades.

While this was going on Josef M. was toiling away, with sweat flowing down his forehead, as software he commanded did some neat trick of separating Metropole's chaff from its dross, relentlessly combing through 450 old issues, ripping the contents like rotten teeth out of about 4000 pages and dropping it neatly into new decor, grinding on all day Friday, Saturday, and without pause all day Sunday, not even knocking off for the Sunday lunch of roast chicken and tasty frites, and on into prime TV time, past midnight when owls are hooting about in the cemetery across the street.

But I exaggerate! In fact, Josef threw the switch while everybody was asleep on Sunday morning. Then he spent the rest of the day, until those owls were hooting truly, fixing the bobos. Considering the complexity of the task these were not many. May I say – they are not many?

At this end, meanwhile, there I was yesterday out in the sunshine waltzing around towards the Luxembourg, trying to find a dead duck to photograph for this week's news section. No dead duck. No news section.

But this was merely a pause from – ah, how shall I put this? A pause from mistakenly applying Josef's coding changes to current Metropole pages. Mistakenly because these kept evolving. A bit of a fix here, a bit of a change there, some floating thing – not much, really, to do with me carelessly cutting and pasting, destroying it faster than Josef could build it.

In fact this fix and counter–fix has gone on all day today. If I haven't wrecked the latest version, this is what you will see here. Before you might be inclined to say, it doesn't look like much, just let me remind you that what we have here is Google–style. It may look plain as vanilla, but there's a mighty motor underneath.

So then, it's done. Except for the minor corrections Metropole is now ready for its next ten years of giving you reports about Paris today, depending on the mood of its Ed and its club secretary and the new Joe on the block, Radio Ric, who is supposed to fill up the new GoodBlogWeek with timely blather, just as soon as the dust settles.

Demo of the Week

This is scheduled to take place next Saturday in Paris and everywhere around France and is supposed to include all unions, students, the unemployed, university presidents, the young, the old, political hacks of all parties except the UMP, the greenies, the Corsican nationalists, friends of animals, farmers, fishermen and their wives and girlfriends, firemen, maybe air traffic controllers, trainmen, bus drivers, in short, all and sundry.

photo, kiosk, sunday, luxembourgWhat it is, it's a moveable hunger.

This occasion is to protest against the prime minister's pet idea, the CPE law, which stands for labor contracts for first–time jobs that permit an unlimited right to fire the hapless kids. You can probably understand why university students don't think much of it.

The Latest Café Metropole Club 'Report'

There was no 'Club Meeting of the Week' last Thursday because the club's café was getting an overdue paintjob. If you must read the 'report' that wasn't, look for last week's GoodBlogWeek column instead.

This coming Thursday's meeting of the Café Metropole Club will without doubt be a surprise for all, with the club's secretary being the most surprised. The 'Saint of the Week' will be Sainte– Bénédicte, about whom I know absolutely nothing because Eddie was a bungler of a king – that's not it! My real excuse was I was up to my knuckles in chintzy code.

A fanciful but true story about the club is on the 'About the Club' page. Should curiosity befall yourself take a gander at the club's original and hand–crafted membership card, good for absolutely no less than nothing.

photo, sign, rue beauty

Crucial Club Note

The next meeting is on Thursday, 16. March. After that I will be on holiday until the next meeting on Thursday, 13. April. Between yesterday and now a substitute club secretary has volunteered to host the meetings. Please accord Josef M. Schomburg the same respect you bestow on the club's regular sectretary if he's in a good mood, on a Thursday. Watch this space, or GoodBlogWeek, for further updates. Beyond this be sure to keep an eye on Metropole – expect to see GoodBlogWeek become what it is supposed to be.

Faits Divers XIX

'Ed,' Ric, the secretary of the Café Metropole Club und neuerdings radio ric, all wish to thank all readers for longstanding patience through these tiresome times of reconstruction and waltzing around the Luxembourg. Salut les copains!

A bientôt à Paris
signature, regards, ric

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