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After Jane has mentioned being at the Opéra in seats at the top in the back so far from the stage that she thought they were in the Louvre, then Richard begins to tell me about another concert they heard at La Chapelle. "Wagner, Neitzche, Bizet and Gurdjief," – is this spelling? – followed by gongs and bells at the Théâtre Saint–Louis. Well, the last part might not be correct because I had to change several letters of the Russian's name.

This is a swinging meeting because next we are on to the offshore limits to Los Angeles, stereotypes, Jerry Lewis and his French medal – nobody in France under 55 knows who he is – and all of this before the 'group photo of the week.'

But not before Drena McCormack and Guy Pocklington become members without warning. This couple come from Vancouver, in the far–off province of British Columbia, the very place I used to call home.

In the course of explaining the club's function to Guy – Drena knows about it already – I apologize for already having a City of the Week. Guy decides to say Powell River anyway. Wow! I haven't heard of Powell River since, oh, since about 1982. I was never there because it requires taking two ferries – which seems to me to be one more than in the 'old days.'

And before you, or I, know it, it is 17:15 and today's club meeting is officially over, partly because I see now that I didn't turn the page and write more notes. The 'waiter of the week' lets Norman and me sit outside on the terrace, to discuss being Internet moguls, as we have been, unsuccessfully, for the past decade.

photo, full, empty, irish coffeesThe Irish coffees of the week.

But that is neither here nor there in the terms of a club report. The waiter came outside to keep an eye on the chairs, and to play with two spoons. I accused him of being Irish. He denied it and accused me of being Irish. I started to deny it them remembered that, in fact, I am Irish. Who isn't?

Stroll Around the May Day

While details are unknown at this time and the weather forecast is not brilliant, Monday's May Day cheerful parade of workers, peasants, union folks with banners, the sadly unemployed and the jolly retired, will take place on Monday, 1. May. Unknown details are about where the parade will begin – at Place de la République? – starting at 14:00? – and it will wend its merry way through Bastille and march heads–high to Nation, maybe. Exact details can probably be found in Sunday's edition of Le Parisien, because there'll be no papers printed for Monday except for Le Monde, which always prints yesterday's news today, and dates itself tomorrow.

Repeat: Arty–Blog Party Bash

This thing is actually called Springtime in Paris which doesn't quite describe the interaction of 25 international artist friends from Suzanne Hollands' IVY and maybe as many as 30 bloggers associated with Laurie Pike's In Paris Now blog.

"No problem!" says Suzanne, about the location which can host 'thousands.' It's to be in La Chapelle Saint–Louis de la Salpétrière, at 47. Boulevard de l'Hôpital, Paris 13. Métro: Saint–Marcel or Austerlitz. The exhibition opens at 9:00 next Thursday, 4. May and the vernissage for the expo starts at 18:00 and continues until 22:00, with music and DJs, but expect it to be cool because it's in a church, an old one built 350 years ago by the same dude who did Versailles. Something cool to do after a rollicking club meeting, after all. For a change. Springtime, hein?

The Café Metropole Club's About Page

Difficult to imagine but if this so–called club meeting 'report' leaves you perplexed, help yourself to a look at the richly convoluted explanation on the 'About the Café Metropole Club' page, for its many paragraphs graphics and photo.

What, Why, Where, How, When, Who?

Club meetings as we call them begin at 15:00 every Thursday and continue until 17:00. These times, encased in bee's wax, are also said to be 3 pm to 5 pm. Around somewhere else is definitely not where the next meeting will be.

graphic: club location map

Idle a hour or two or a whole meeting away with other club members pretty much like yourself. Gabby and thirsty. Real 'firsts' are welcome and true stories will get a sympathetic hearing. Other stories will depend on your skill. Whatever you say will be truly appreciated by the other members present if there are any listening, and sometimes there are but not always – and if it should by freak chance be written here.*

Caution – should you may have the personal mission of remaining unfindable via the Web, be sure to inform the club's secretary that you prefer to be '404 – not found' by Web search engines before becoming 'found' cavorting in one of these fantastical club reports.

The 'ex–rules' that the club once had are still former. Talking to other club members at meetings is perfectly fine rather than optional. There are always some empty chairs, so sit. Lounging is okay too. Attend as many free club meetings as you want to.

*The above paragraphs are relatively unchanged since last week because the relative obscurity of the United States' H2 visa guest worker program.

The café's location is:

Café–Tabac La Corona
2. Rue de l'Amiral de Coligny – or – 30. Quai du Louvre
Paris 1. Métro: Louvre–Rivoli, Pont–Neuf or Châtelet.
Every Thursday, from 15:00 to 17:00.

A bientôt à Paris
signature, regards, ric

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