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The new version is to be built in Poland and it is supposed to hit the market a year from now. What I missed hearing about is the Web site for the new car. It's called 500 Wants You and it's pretty nifty. You can add designer touches to the new car, such as original bumpers and original wheel covers. You can add horrible racing stripes and a fake wing too. I mean this is virtual stuff, but it's fun.

photo, fiat 500 of the weekReady for a new version?

There was a design contest with real cash prizes, to create trinkets and doodads, but the deadline has just passed. All the same there's other stuff on the Website to play with. They want videos, jingles, and you can vent other manifestations of your love for the Cinquecento. The whole thing is kind of goofy too so don't be shy.

Not that it matters, but why is Fiat so slow? Production of the little car ended for good in 1977. It means that the ones you see in these pages are between 29 and 50 years old. There are very few other cars of the same age rolling around, especially not in Paris. But if we give Fiat a cheer for this, maybe Citroën will wake up and put out a new 2CV for us to putter around in.

Note – the Fiat 500 shown here is not of the week. It was captured nearby about a year ago. It appears to be completely stock, with a new coat of paint.

The "Sydney has Five Chinatowns" Café Metropole Club 'Report'

The regular Club Meeting of the Week on a week in September last Thursday was graced by two new members who had to do their own detective work to find the club. You can find a guide to the club by consulting the report of this this singular meeting which was brilliantly titled, The Longest Way to the Club. There were some Chinatowns in there too.

photo, chocolate bear

The coming meeting of the Café Metropole Club will be on the third Thursday in September which is the 21st. The 'Saint of the Week,' will be Saint Matthew the Evangelist, or Saint–Matthieu. This Matthew fellow was sitting around his customs–house one day when Jesus came along, so he became a disciple, according to legend.

The equally true legend of the club is contained on a page of supreme wonder called the 'About the Club' Webpage. Try out your facilities with some true lore, by examining at the club's award–worthy, blotchy and shabby hand–crafted membership card before its impending doom.

photo, sign, passage saint roch

This Was Metropole One Year Ago

This forgotten feature is again unavailable this week for psychic reasons, but mostly because Ed is an organization with an extremely feeble amount of manpower.

Café Life Lite 1O1

Lest We Disremember

Today marks the date in 96 when Marcus Cocceius Nerva became emperor of Rome. Today also marks the date when Domitian, the emperor up until today, was assassinated. This was in the old days of Rome and Domitian had no relatives to put up for the job. He had suggested Nerva and everybody agreed, for once, that he was a fine choice. Then Trajan who was born today in 53, died suddenly from edema on 9. August, 117. There was a story going around that he adopted Hadrian and named him as successor, but ill–intentioned people said that his wife Pompeia Plotina hired somebody to impersonate somebody after Trajan died. Really old history is kind of murky.

Pataphysical Explorers

There are a mere 104 days left of this year, the same number that 1776 had when daring Spanish explorers discovered San Francisco Bay and named the city there after Saint–François d'Assise on account of something or other. The settlement had a Catholic mission but in 1848 everybody was calling the area California because of the gold found nearby. This was long before Hollywood was discovered although you'd never know it.

On the other hand this is probably unconnected to the fact that this year has used up 261 days, the same number that 1437 had when some farmers in Transylvania had some sort of uprising about the pig tax. If you think this is irrelevant, then consider this day in 1789 when the US government borrowed funds for the first time, to buy curtains for the White House. It is unclear whether the $191,608.81 was ever paid back.

photo, mademoiselle boggleville

Panic Less Rare than You Think

This was a day to remember in 1873 because of the financial panic set off by the bankruptcy of Jay Cooke's bank in Philadelphia. Folks with credit had been speculating on the new railroads and the bubble popped, dragging 18,000 firms down and sending unemployment rocketing. Drastic wage cuts and lousy working conditions were behind strikes that began in 1877. This Long Depression was followed by the Panics of 1884, 1890, 1893, 1896, etc.

Late, Late Sports News

Tuesday the New York Mets won something for the first time in a long time and there is mass delirium today in Queens and Brooklyn. A tip of my hat, an original Mets 2000 National League Champs baseball lid that I found in my bag after returning from New York.

Good Sense In a Class of Its Own

This date should be realled as the 25th anniversary of the vote in the French Assembly National to abolish the death penalty. A majority of the French were opposed to it at the time but life imprisonment is now preferred. Of course you might wish to remember that today is also the anniversary of Liechtenstein's adhesion to the United Nations, which it joined in 1990, as the last European country to do so. And finally let us remember that it was François de La Rochefoucauld who said, "We hardly find any persons of good sense, save those who agree with us."

A bientôt à Paris
signature, regards, ric

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