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Our Yoko Does the Other Yoko

Our very own Yoko appears in the stage show Beatles Story for three performances next weekend. This involves some French guys who play Beatles tunes – really well – and sing, and act like Beatles. With intermission the show lasts over two hours, and it is a show. Yoko's part – she does not sing – has been expanded from the version I saw a year ago. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 28, 29. and 30. September, at 20:30. At the Théâtre Gymnase, 38 bis, boulevard Bonne Nouvelle, Paris 10. Cash bar. Métro: Bonne Nouvelle. InfoTél.; 01 42 46 79 79, or hit the Websites.

The 'Talk, Talk, Drink, Drink' Café Metropole Club 'Report'

The third club meeting of the week in September last Thursday happened as foreseen. The secretary was there and and four members posed for the famous photo like usual. Reconstruct your club lore by reading the report of this this impromptu meeting which was breezily titled, Shop Talk, Stage Talk – Talk, Talk, Drink, Drink.

photo, thursday, rue de seine Thursday in the rue de Seine.

The coming meeting of the Café Metropole Club will be on the fourth Thursday of September which is the 28th. The 'Saint of the Week,' will be Saint–Venceslas, which equals Václav if you are Bohemian. His father's father Bořivoj, was converted by Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius. However, Wenceslaus was murdered by being hacked to death by his brother Boleslaus at the church in Stará Boleslav. Colorful people!

The equally true legend of the club is on a page of utter magic so aptly named the About the Club Webpage. Stretch your facilities of reason with few and minor facts, by glancing at the club's awardless, edgy and blotchy hand–fashioned exquisite membership card before its imminent oblivion.

photo, sign, rue du parc royal

This Was Metropole Two Years Ago

This popular feature continues its unavailability this week for cloudy reasons, partly because Ed is out on a high limb inspecting the ripening chestnuts.

Café Life Lite 99.5

Ban That Song

Today marks the date in 1690 when America's first newspaper was banned. It was also the only day that the four page Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick was published. Meant to contain a glut of news, only three pages had any. Four days later the Governor and Council in Boston, Massachusetts issued a proclamation condemning the unauthorized venture, although they admitted that it contained Reflections of a very high nature. The problem was that it also had sundry doubtful and uncertain Reports. Just to make sure no wise guys got any ideas, all future publications were banned in advance. Some 114 years later, on this date, the Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the republic's new Congress.

Pataphysical Alternatives

photo, sculpture, middle ages bread delivery

There are a mere 97 days left of this year, the same number that 678 had when king Pépin le Bref died of old age. Many have forgotten the short Pépin but remember his son, Charlemagne. Pépin, son of Charles Martel and Rotrude de Tréves, was born in Jupille in Belgium, in the home county of the Mˇrovingiens and the Carolingiens, and he is buried in Saint–Denis. He may have been survived by his wife, Berthe au grands pieds.

This is totally unconnected to the fact that this year has used up 268 days, the same number that 303 had when Saint–Fermin of Pamplona was beheaded while on a cross–country road trip preaching the gospel. Ordained as a priest in Toulouse, he returned to Pamplona to be its first bishop. He lost his head in Amiens. He was not torn apart by bulls like Saturninus in Toulouse, not Pamplona.

photo, sculpture, mademposelle boggleville Our Mme. Boggleville

Invented Here First

With the Auto Salon coming up it seems like a good time to mention that the automobile was invented in France by Nicolas–Joseph Cugnot whose birth was not today in 1725 in Void which we all know is in the Meuse area. His steam wagon, the first to translate up and down piston travel into rotary power, first ran in 1769. Called a Fardier à vapeur it was also the first car to have a crash, in 1771. The rest of Cugnot's life was downhill but the Musée des Arts et Metiers in Paris has an example of his 1770 model on display.

Absolutely Classless

This date in 1547 might be remembered for the coronation of Ivan le Terrible. His other names were IV and Vassilivitch in case you are interested in Czars. On the other hand you might wish to recall that today in –606 also recalls a coronation, that of Nebuchadnezzar II, as king of Babylon. On the other hand you might prefer to forget about it.

A bientôt à Paris
signature, regards, ric

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