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photo, seine, bateau mouche, nightfall The boat goes on as the sun goes down.

Tonight is Christmas Eve. I want to wish all a Merry Christmas, good luck, peace, and as much prosperity as we all, everybody, deserves. If you are ever in Paris join me for a meeting of the club on a Thursday. I hope you can make it one of these days. Everybody deserves an afternoon here.

Meanwhile, it was a week of blah weather and the rest was global warming, just like the good old days!

Bring Your Money

Paris wants your money for the winter sales, and in return it is going to give you a big discount. That's right! Starting Wednesday, 9. January, the Soldes d'Hiver take off and continue until February, until the 16th, which is the Saturday following Valentine's Day. Discounts will run to 50% or more on some items. The deal, as for all sales, is first–come first–served. Even if you aren't a shopper, seeing Parisians in riot mode for something other than food, might be slightly amusing.

photo, piglets, rue daguerre Sold out by tonight.

The Café Metropole Club

Another meeting without totally new members happened at the last club meeting last Thursday, but there were two real members, parttime, just like the week before. The next Thursday when everything at the Café Metropole Club will be all new yet again will be 27. December, with only 9 shopping days until the fabulous Soldes d'Hiver. Any kind of shopping members–in–training of any sort will be welcome. If you are reading this, don't just stand there, practise shopping!

The next meeting of the Café Metropole Club will be on 27. December, exactly two days after Christmas. The Saint of the Day will be Saint–Jean. I am not sure is this Jean is the same as John the Evangelist, John the Theologian or John the Divine. His was the brother of James and his mom was Salome and the lot of them were a bunch of humble fisherfolks, around Lake of Genesareth. Our Jean had something to do with John the Baptist and after that there were too many of them to keep straight.

photo, live lobster, from canada, rue daguerre All the way from Canada.

Déjà vu as I say, related vertically to Paris because it happens here. A fascinating true fact about the club and its single hard factoid are on a page called the About the Club Webpage. Some readers who actually have read it once, and few have, will no longer be curious about any of the rest of it. If I am wrong as often happens, write your own version. The free membership card for real members is still free and you can take it home and cherish it.

photo, sign, place josephine baker

This Was Metropole Ten Years Ago

Who cares that this week 500–odd weeks ago was ten years ago? Metropole used to have lots of real swell stuff in it, such as Don't Ask Me to Look Out the Window, in the Café column, Downtown Strolling Without Snow, not in the Au Bistro column, along with some minor posters and a boring cartoon titled Greetings from Paris. Is that one running again? There was hardly any more in Issue 2.51 – 22. December 1997, because it is about Ten Years Later this week, approximately.

Café Life Légère 92.4

Light–Weight Enlightenment

photo, sign, avenue rene coty

This totally new Quote of the Week has no connection or relevance to today. For an old gem of philosophy I suggest a quote by Jerry Stiller, who had too many things to say, such as, "Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way... out of that a new holiday was born... a Festivus for the rest of us!" Hardly a wonder then, why Principia Discordia said, "The Enlightened take things lightly." He said more but the rest is nonsense.

Way Back In Patatimes

There are no more than 7 days left of this year, the same number that 563 had when the Byzantine church Hagia Sophia was inaugurated in, then, Constantinople for the second time. It was the biggest deal in the world for about a thousand years, until a colosses was built in Seville in 1520. The current Hagia Sophia began as a church about 532, ordered by Justinian, and it was the third version on the spot. The first two or three others were destroyed by earthquakes or riots. Then in 1453 the Ottoman Turks took over and converted it into a mosque, and this it remained until it became a museum in 1935.

photo, sign, gift basket, foie gras, sauternes

Wobble–Art Xanthopsia

This is totally unconnected to the fact that this year has used up 358 days, the same number that 1888 had when Vincent Van Gogh cut off one of his ears for some crazy, unknown reason, that might have had something to do with him being nuts and not being treated at the time. He might have done it on account of Paul Gauguin, or because of the color yellow. A theory says he drank too much absinthe and this might have given him yellow vision because it contains a neurotoxin called thujone, which might have caused xanthopsia. However Paul didn't say so we'll never know.

The Ex–Question of Schleswig–Holstein

A few folks have might have been thinking that it is only right and proper to remember that it was today in 1818 that the song Silent Night, composed by Franz Xaver Gruber and Josef Mohr, was first sung, or performed, or sold on iTunes. It was also performed by the combined opposing armies on the front in WWI on Christmas Eve in 1914, because soldiers on both sides of no–man's–land knew the words. The generals were so furious with their troops that they extended the war by two years. 1924 can also be remembered because Albania became a republic on this day, quite some time after their first king died in 1225 BC. Albania reached a zenith of sorts in the 4th century BC and has never looked back.

A bientôt à Paris
signature, regards, ric

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