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By the time I re–emerged from the métro convenience they were gone, trooping their colors along the quay. Spreading the word around the city. More Obama Dems than I'd seen in Philadelphia. Even if I didn't see them there, he won handily in the city's three districts. I wondered if Hillary will have any bridging events.

It's a Small Town

When we really had spring, on Saturday, I forgot to go out. I had all the windows open and when I looked out the leaves were growing so fast that the cemetery across the street disappeared behind the trees. It was warm and the central heat was off, probably over until I can see the cemetery again.

So I went out on Sunday instead. It started off as a spring day too, despite the earlier forecast that said it would be March again. When it is pleasant on Sunday, when it is not an election day, Parisians love to go out and wander around pretending to be tourists. They like to go to the Luxembourg but I was there last week. They like to go to the islands, the Ile de la Cité, and Ile Saint–Louis, and hang out.

photo, quay, steps, cafe, sunday strollers Café with a beach by the stairs.

I thought a bunch of them sitting on the quays around the islands could be photographed, showing what Parisians look like sitting around on quays, watching the world and time pass by. But I bet, you don't even have to see any photos to get the idea. Take a riverbank anywhere and add a warm Sunday and a bunch of folks. The photo isn't going to tell you much more than you already know.

It's a problem. But I got what I went for even if I was disappointed with the results. I turned to leave the Pont Saint–Louis, and I saw Terrace Gelenter coming along. We decided to go and have a café together. He wanted to find a place on the terrace of the Oasis right there but it was more than full.

It wasn't too far, across the Pont Louis–Philippe,, to the café on the other side. It's a lovely place with a garden terrace, but it was full too. We went up the rue Louis–Philippe, towards Rivoli and at the Tartine we spied one free table out on the sidewalk, and shoehorned ourselves onto its chairs. The busy waiter fixed us up with drinks.

Then, like Parisians, we sat there and watched Rivoli pass by. It is possible that Rivoli isn't the greatest street in town, but the Tartine is on the north, sunny side, the Marais side, so the foot traffic is possibly more interesting than on the south, shady, side. I haven't been near the Tartine for at least ten years. It used to be a fun dump.

We admired the passersby. It's what you do here. It's harmless. It's what's called living in Paris. Whatever might be urgent can be done some other day. But some things have to be done the same day so we didn't sit there like a couple of toads from dawn until dark. We had our drinks, added on a half hour, and then strolled east on Rivoli to Saint–Paul, where I caught the métro. It's a small town, like a village.

Soldes d'Eté

Like the annual winter sales, the summer sales happen once a year, but in summer and this is programmed to happen with or without any spring. In fact, the less spring there is, the more stuff there will be on sale. However since the goods on sale are priced in euros your possible savings might be skimpy. Many Europeans are instead blowing their sales' wads in America, where New York is a favored shopping site. Here the start date will be Wednesday, 25. June, and the good times roll on to 2. August.

photo, sign, quai des grands augustins

The Fantastic Café Metropole Club

Club meetings with some members are okay with me, and last week there were three, all welcome. Other members and candidates are welcome too, I promise. The next Thursday that everything at the Café Metropole Club will be 101% new, will be on 1. May, the day before the rest of May starts. All members–in–any form, any standing, of any sort will be wonderfully welcome, welcome.

Repetition forever here is slated to end but persists. Several true facts and other false rumors about the club are on a page called the About the Club Webpage. Readers who have actually read it, and one or two may have, may become club members even despite their wishes.

photo, sign, rue des grands augustins

The Ex–Question of Schleswig–Holstein

A few folks have might have been thinking that it is only fair and right to recall that it was today in 1789 that sailors on the Bounty rebelled against Captain William Bligh, launching events that led to hangings, dangerous adventures, deaths, promotions, movies and for some, a life lived happily ever after. It was also today in 1902 that the standard Year Zero was defined. Before that we had 1 BC or 1 AD but nothing in between. One billion minutes later was 10:40 on this date. Trust me. It's like there is no zero floor for buildings in America but we have them in Europe. While we are here let us recall that France instituted a 6 franc annual road tax on bicycles in 1893. Finally, and by no means least, it is international Anti–Noise Day today. That's our little world, folks!

A bientôt à Paris
signature, regards, ric

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