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photo, celler jazz trio, sonny simmons, michael marcus, jay rosen, cosmosamatics Sonny Simmons, Michael Marcus and Jay Rosen in the celler.

It was a beautiful night, warm, clear, still, with many folk out of town. It is May so it has been like a month of holidays and long weekends with a few strikes to be added for spice. Now that the weather had quit being spring it was like summer so being in the street at night outside a celler jazz club was the right thing to do. Some were even wearing their flipflops. Well, some people wear cargo shorts and flipflops year–round here. You know, pretending Paris is on the Riviera.

Actually it was like that on Thursday. I went to the Tuileries to see the Richard Serra masterpieces of monster rusty steel panels, about two metres high and 60 metres long, two of them curving away from each other. The sun was blazing like it seldom does and puffs of wind from the east were picking up clouds of dust and shooting through these steel plates with a jet engine effect, probably unintended. Folks were playing with them. Tells you how witless TV is.

photo, fountain, water spout, small pond, tuileries

Where was I? Oh yes, being hopelessly romantic in a smoke–free jazz celler in the bohemian sector of Montparnasse, former home of Calder and Sartre, Lenin and Leon Trotsky. Hemingway slept here, at number 58 rue Froidevaux. Sure he did, in the cemetery, which is on the even–numbered side of the street. I don't think Hemingway got any further south than the Dingo in the rue Delambre. Do I sound like I need a cigarette? Should I learn to snap my fingers?

Jets Interdits

You can't count on summer breaking out every year so even if it happens when it isn't, technically, summer, I have to get out there are get the summer photos so everybody sitting at home from Peoria to Melbourne can see the sun shining here and the happy folks wading merrily in the pools and fountains that they are supposed to keep their dirty feet out of.

The truth is simple. Paris is not near the Riviera and is far from the seaside. So when the sun shines in the month of long–weekends, May, and the temperatures climb above 25 degrees, the people tend to go out where water sprouts, sprays, burbles, trickles, tinkles, floats and flows and fool around with it. Kids, who don't read signs, are the worst.

photo, ice cream truck, 1928 ford pickup, parc andre citroen Ice cream truck in the park.

Last week they were playing on the waterfall steps at Bercy. Yesterday there seemed to be 2000 kids leaping and carousing on the water jets in the Parc André Citröen. Admittedly the signs prohibiting this were tiny but there were two of them, right dead–centre in the middle. I have no doubt another 3000 were up to their necks in the pools at Trocadéro, another hah–hah favored watering hole.

I have no idea where the water comes from but I bet it was freezing cold. Did the kids care? They knew where they weren't. They weren't at home and they weren't at school and they weren't at summer camp, surrounded by moms and monitors. They were freaking free, in the jets interdits. Learning to be French I guess.

photo, fiat 500 of the week, original Oh so cute, a Fiat 500.

La Nuit des Musées

For the fourth year France puts on one of its cultural freebies, in this case called La Nuit des Musées which means that about 130 cultural places will be open and free next Saturday, 17. May, at nighttime, rain or shine. In all, about 2000 institutions throughout Europe will have their doors open when they are normally closed. Bring a flashlight.

photo, sign, place balard

Soldes d'Eté Déjà

Like the annual winter sales, the summer sales happen once every year. This is programmed to happen with or without any summer. In fact, the less summer there is, the more stuff there will be on sale. However since the goods on sale are priced in euros your possible savings might be slight. The start date for the sales will be Wednesday, 25. June, and the good times roll on until 2. August.

The Only Café Metropole Club

Club meetings with a lone member are okay with me, and last week there we were again, à deux. Other members and candidates are welcome too, without question. The next Thursday that everything at the Café Metropole Club will be 99% new, will be on 15. May, another one of our great strike days, for teachers this time. All members–in–any form, any standing, of any sort will be welcome even if you intend to demonstrate and wave a banner.

Repetition here is slated to end someday but persists today. Several dubious facts and other false rumors about the club are on a page called the About the Club Webpage. Readers who have actually read it, and one or two may have, may become club members even despite their wishes.

photo, sign, metro, paris metro

The Ex–Question of Schleswig–Holstein

Some of you have might have been thinking that it is merely right and fair to recall that it was today in 1941 that Konrad Zuse showed off his Z3, the world's first programmable working computer, in Berlin. Working in his parent's apartment in 1936, his first Z1 was less successful. His Z4, the world's second commercial computer, was installed in 1950. Meanwhile, in 1930 the pilot Jean Mermoz was the first to push a flying boat non–stop from Sénégal to Natal in Brazil . But he was topped in 1825 by the birth of Antoine de Tounens who adventured to South America where he had himself proclaimed as Orélie–Antoine 1, King of Patagonia on 20. November 1860, a Tuesday. The Chileans objected but they always do. It may be useful to recall the famous words of Niccolo Machiavelli who said, "The lion cannot protect himself from traps, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves. One must therefore be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves." That's our little world, folks!

A bientôt à Paris
signature, regards, ric

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